Faith and Loneliness

Walking the widow road at times I admit is often lonely and filled with potholes of opportunities to feel very lonely.  I do know that widows and widowers are not the only lonely people in the world.  In fact it is a true fact that no matter your state in life we all can experience loneliness.

Loneliness, while difficult, can cause some very positive changes in our life if we will embrace it with faith–neither fear nor self-pity.  Last week I talked about the critical inner voice–or the hostile judgmental adviser that we all carry in our heads that seeks to confront our faith and keep us smaller than God intends.  This voice shouts–“you are alone and lonely because you are unlovable”.  I have had to fight against this voice many times.  The Voice likes to talk in generalities–“everyone else…; or No one else…and of course we are never included in either!

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Checked your joy level lately?

Last week I talked about faith through surrender–not always an easy task. As we surrender, by faith, to His will we can do it grudgingly or joyfully. Our choice is to dutifully go about our tasks because we know it’s the ”right thing to do”, or serving with joy? I would love to say I always serve with joy, but alas it is not true. We are often surrounded by “joy stealers”, and if we aren’t careful we can find ourselves as depressed, depleted and discouraged believers. Not really the abundant life our Lord has planned for us.

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