Faith Needs Celebrations

Faith and Celebrations!

When you think of the Christian life do see it as a steady battle, or at least a series of battles that seem never ending? Sometimes it can feel like that. We can feel like Elisha’s servant who when faced with enemies all around felt hopeless and defeated. Elisha prayed, “Lord open his eyes” and he saw the angels of the Lord surrounding them. Victory came to them that day, and I am sure the servant was never the same. Do you think they took time to celebrate? I imagine they did.

Victories do come. This week our daughter and her family experienced answered prayer in the selling of their rental home. Some people were saying No, but God said yes. He sent them help from unexpected places and the sale closes soon. This is a major blessing and testimony, not only financially for their family, but also with spiritual and emotional significances. It is time to make a memorial stone of God’s provision and intervention for future battles. It is time to rejoice and celebrate. How often do we experience answers to prayer and simply move on to more needs without letting the victory of the moment really impact our soul?

When the children of Israel crossed over the Jordan River into the Promised Land, the Lord told them to gather twelve stones, one for each tribe and build a memorial as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and strength. I believe it is a blessing for us to do the same.

What are some ways we can commemorate these victories?

First of all, take time to be grateful and thankful to the Lord.

Second, share the story! Tell people your victory story, don’t let Satan’s lies rob you of this blessing to help strengthen your brothers and sisters walk, and miss out on the blessing of letting those that haven’t heard of your God hear His story in your life!

Third: journal it! Write it down. Date it. It doesn’t have to be big or small…the act of writing it down will help cement it into your life. You will have a record to review during other difficult times.

Fourth: do something special if you can. It doesn’t have to be big, but let it be meaningful. While Elizabeth and Tim were signing papers yesterday I bought donut holes for the kids to help celebrate God’s answer to prayer for their family. We got donut holes because sugar isn’t always their friend while they are in their Home Connection classes, but it made the day a little sweeter. I am sure their family has some plans to celebrate as well when the sale is closed.

My other daughter and her family have been dealing with some serious battles for the past few months. It did my heart glad to hear the parents snuck up on the kids and battled them with an unexpected silly string war as they were playing outside. They will never forget their parents attacking them with fun! The battle isn’t complete as yet, but hope and joy are part of the victory. Experiencing peace in the midst of storms is also part of God’s gift and we can and should celebrate this gift as well.

I believe as we learn to celebrate EVERY victory, we will experience even more. We serve a faithful God who does answer prayer. The scripture says we have not because we ask not. Make sure you are asking for those victories you need!

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