Faith and Unexpected Journeys Part 2

Wallking this more intentional faith journey this year with the Lord has changed me.  I find myself looking for God’s plan behind the scenes.  It is like Life sets up scenarios in which, if we look with faith eyes, we can see His hand and have the opportunity to cooperate with His purpose.

That is what happened with the cruise!  After Kathy and Gary set the wheels in motion for the cruise to take place they shared this with Jesiah–Kathy’s eleven year old grandson who lives with them.  Jesiah was sooo excited of course, but then he asked them, “Can I get baptized in Oak Harbor?”  Gary texted me and asked if I could make it work.  I texted Pastor Michael and asked.  Our normal baptism days are the third Sunday of the month and I knew that it would take special arrangements for it to happen on the only Sunday they would be in town.  Pastor Michael was all for it, but turns out he was going to be preaching in Alaska that Sunday and our Youth Pastor Quinn was going to be preaching here in Oak Harbor.  Pastor Quinn came after the Vines had moved, so there was no relationship with him, so I asked Pastor Josh.  Pastor Josh was more than accommodating to the situation.

During the cruise we all talked about baptism Jesiah.  I talked with him about how I was praying for the Holy Spirit to make it significant between him and the Lord.  Kathy was so amazed because after our second service they began filling the tank.  We had invited some of their significant old friends to stay and participate in the celebration.  It was such a special time.  When Josh brought Jesiah up out of the water both myself and another lady watched God do something significant…I can’t describe it, but we watched his countenance change.  We headed back to my home.

I had invited these same folks to a celebration potluck party.  We had only been off the cruise for about 24 hours at this time, so it was amazing to see things come together.  I think we had 22 people sharing and catching up with Kathy, Gary and Jesiah.  The Lord put it on my heart to have people pray for this family.  As we gathered, the Presence of the Lord showed up, and God began to speak through various ones.  It was so significant, precious and amazing.  The Lord addressed situations and gave insights to conversation I had had with them in private conversations.  The Lord overshowed the cruise with His Presence.  When I drove them back to the airport the next day, we were all exhausted, but so blessed because it was like the icing on the cake.  God turned Kathy’s bucket list desire to go on a cruise into something so much more significant for all involved.  I love that about Him.

  • Father, I ask that you show us your plan behind the plan.  Open our eyes and hearts to what you want to do in and through us.  As we read your word, give us more insights on how to cooperate with your purpose behind the purpose.  God you are so amazing and able to work through all the areas of our lives and we want to see more and more of your handiwork through our lives.  Please encourage those who are staring at a seemingly bleak landscape and help them to find you in their vision today.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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