Faith and Dealing with the “Blahs”


Have you ever experienced a time in your walk with the Lord a season where you felt disengaged, separate or just like you were drifting?  As it can happen with human relationships, it can also happen with our relationship with the Lord.  The marriage relationship which began with such passion can drift into boring routines.  Children, who were so anticipated, become responsibilities that demand our attention, strength and energy.  And our relationship with Jesus can also deteriorate into a “hi-bye” kind of rut.

It is humbling to admit that I have experienced these sort of blahs in every one of my relationships.  But, I am here to encourage and remind us that there is a way out of these doldrums.  The amazing thing is that our God understands these tendencies.  He is so aware of our weaknesses.  In fact, he promises us that his power works best in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:10 NLT)  I confess that lately I have found myself struggling through a season of “blahs”.  So when I felt the Lord wanting me to share this topic, I was less than thrilled!  However, it is always freeing to admit our humanity and move into his grace and mercy.
How did I get here–into this season of “blahs”?  I have kept up my devotional time (check), prayer-yes.  So what is the deal? My life had been super busy, and then it shifted.  I realized that during my busy time I did not take the time to really focus on what I was reading and really to whom I was praying.  So coming out of such a time of busyness, I think I have been running on spiritual fumes.  I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit and his grace to stir up the longing to re-connect in a more life-giving manner.  But I also realized that I could continue on with this surface relationship and end up getting de-railed in my walk with him.  We are warned about the distractions of life, how they can call us away from our first love.  The enemy of our soul works through such things to dull our hearts toward the things of God and His Kingdom and cause us to settle for less.  Not only does this affect our relationship with our Savior, it affects our usefulness for his kingdom.

God can use these times to stir us and motivate us to grow in new ways.  Our enemy can use this time to lead us away from our gifts and callings.  It is up to us, as sons and daughters, to determine to follow him.  I am not trying to scare us into fear that we can lose our way easily.  It is not like that, but I am trying to warn us (like Paul warned those around him) there are carefully disguised traps set around us that can catch us if we are not careful.  We were given spiritual armor for a reason, let us all remember to use it!

Steps to Deal with the Blahs

The Lord Supper

Scriptures encourage us to take communion as a reminder of what Christ did for us. This is a time to remind ourselves of the price he paid and just how much he loves us.


We are encouraged to not forsake the gathering of ourselves together with our brothers and sisters.  The strength and focus we gain from our spiritual family is crucial.  Never underestimate how much we need each other.  Taking time to share our burdens with the others lighten our load.


I sometimes use my online Bible app,  You Version, to do my devotionals.  Lately I have been using the reading feature to read the Psalms.  Psalm 95 and 96 encourage us to sing to the Lord.  I decided to not only read the words, but actually try singing to the Lord instead of singing about the Lord brought new thoughts and life to my soul.

The Word

Slowing down and focusing on what I am reading, asking the Holy Spirit for revelation as well as instruction really does feed my soul.  Taking the time to journal these thoughts reinforce what I read.


Sharing God stories with others helps us overcome as the Word promises.Stirs my heart up to have more to share!


Being encouraged by the Word, sharing the God stories of others build faith to ask for Godly intervention in the problems of life for myself and others.  But first, when I find myself fighting the blahs, I need to confess that to the Lord.  I ask him to reveal any where I might have fallen into the enemies traps or had my heart drawn away from him.  Then repent from any of those things he shows me.

These are just a few of the things that God has revealed to me concerning the blahs.

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