Faith, Frustration, Weaknesses

pexels-photo-751374.jpegI started this weeks blog post a few days ago.  It had a great beginning, if I do say so myself.  I was excited to get back to it and see where it would go.  I turned on my tablet–yes there it was!  I was ready to go.  However, when I turned on the external keyboard-it disappeared!  I can’t find it.  I am frustrated.

It exposed a few weaknesses.  One, I need to take the time to actually learn WordPress better, instead of limping along with partial knowledge.  Two, I need to give myself grace when things do not go as planned.  Frustration is a great tool that exposes aspects of our character that we may not want to look at.  Frustration is defined as the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially becuase of inability to change or achieve something.  People react to frustration differently.  Some blame others.  (WordPress, it is your fault for making this program the way it is–shame on you.)  I could expend lots of energy blaming them.  Would that change my situation?  NO!

I am frustrated because I thought I did everything “right”.  I wrote it.  I put it into draft mode and clicked “save”.  But poof, it is not here–or at least where I can find it.  As I am typing this I look down at the bottom of the screen, and there are symbols for editing I do not really know what they mean or what they do.  Once again, my fault for not taking the time to explore, learn and practice to get better at using this program.

In doing some research, I discovered that there are two types of frustrations: internal and external.  It has been my experience that the Holy Spirit uses both types to help us grow and develop patience, understanding and compassion.  Internal frustrations can leave us dealing with perceived deficiencies in our own lives (like lack of confidence or fear of social situations).  If only I was…. (you fill in the blank) then my life would be easier, happier, more blessed etc.  We have to admit that maybe we are lacking whatever was in your blank–then what?  Feel bad, cry or blame others?  No, that is when we go to the Lord and ask Him what to do about it.  Humble yourself and admit, I am weak in this area.

External frustrations can be real.  Red lights, slow traffic or other roadblocks to your goal can cause these frustrations to arise.  They can expose weaknesses such as lack of time management, patience or a lack of understanding of just the way life works. Asking the Holy Spirit for the cause of any frustration behavior is so helpful.  He is honest!

I was reading in the book of Job this morning.  Job declares, but He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. (Job 23:10).  If you are like me, you would like to think that your “gold” is already fairly pure.  However, in the natural all gold must be smelted to get rid of the impurities that it contains when it is first mined.  We are like that gold.  We also need heated and tested to get rid of those impurities or if you will, weaknesses.  As we seek to reflect His glory, we too must submit to the goldsmith’s smelter.  Not always fun, but always worth it.

When you find yourself frustrated, take the time to examine where that frustration is coming from.  I know my frustration with WordPress is more with myself, and my need to learn the program. I will work on learning it!  The other blog was a good one!!

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