Faith and Bucket Lists

I found a small book last week at our local library that caught my attention.  What if God Wrote Your Bucket List? by Jay Payleitner. The sub-title is 52 things you don’t want to miss.  I debated checking it out. What could it hurt?

The problem is I don”t see myself as a bucket list person.  I am not a dreamer of places to go and things to see and do. I’ve always felt a little odd and uncomfortable around people who are list makers.  I guess my personality is more like a beachcomber–what comes my way I will enjoy!    This books forward was written by Josh McDowell–a man I admire and appreciate, so why not take a chance and see if some repressed adventures lie hidden in my soul? Suppose it causes me to change?

I like this book.  The author states very clearly that trying to think like God thinks on many of these things is silly.  But I do appreciate the fact that just reading this book has opened my vision and understanding of my purpose and intentions on this earth.

My ultimate desire and main heart cry is to fulfill God’s purpose of my life while I am here on earth.  Reading Joshua 18:3 this week I came across this question he asked the seven tribes who had not yet been allotted their land grants.   Then  Joshua asked them, “how long are you going to wait before taking possession of the remaining land the Lord, the God of your ancestors has given you?”   This question caused me to pray, Father I want my inheritance.  However large or small, I want to fulfill your purpose and plan in my life.  I do not want to be distracted, disheartened or denied the opportunity to come to the end of my life feeling I had done less than my best for Him. But reading through this book confirmed to me that we serve a big God and my perspective on inheritance has been to narrow and small. God has called us to live an abundant life, which is rich and full.  This book reminds us that while our call is to serve God and others, He also wants to bless us through His creation, our family and friends.

Reading through Payleinter’s book it really is all about our relationship with our God and His people.  He uses his own experiences to encourage people to strive for the abundant life in every area of their lives to live on purpose with purpose.  In other words with intention. At the end of most chapters he has a little section called “Checking the List”.  In it he gives thought provoking questions or comments that are meant to move us from being a spectator to an active participant in our life.  One of the chapters is called “Get Fired”–it tells his own story of job fails. But in “Checking the List” he writes:

God uses it all.  The good stuff and the bad.  Search your heart, and you may realize that while victories are nice, you learned more and grew closer to God during your most painful losses.  Trophies just sit on a shelf or gather dust.  Scars stay with you and prove you”re a survivor. Treasure your opportunities to be an over comer.

Many years ago Darryl and I drove across the country for what would be our last time.  I asked him if we could specifically alter our route to include Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  It was amazing.  It took extra time and money, but it was so well worth the experience.  Looking back now, it was on my bucket list.  I’ve begun to explore other desires that may be lurking in my soul. The fear of failing to fulfill my bucket list reared its ugly head while reading this book.  Some of the chapters I have actually already done (which always makes you feel good right?)  I must confess now that one of the things I have always wanted to do is visit Washington D.C. and the Smithsonian Institute.  There are actually some plans coming together that just may cause that to happen!



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