Faith and Your Voice

One of the most difficult effects of my husbands stroke was his muteness.  It was soo difficult to lose his wisdom, encouragement and humor! I had the advantage of hearing that voice for thirty-five plus years before he went silent.  He used his God-given voice for so much good–from preaching, teaching, encouraging, prophesying and worshipping.  The joy of listening to him play his banjo and sing with his grandchildren is one of my favorite memories.

Any one who writes becomes makes  a choice of what “voice” they will use.  Will the writing be done in their own voice (like this blog) or the voice of a character that is part of their story.  Another use of “voice” is used to speak for another–one who either “lost” their voice or never “found” it.  I became Darryls voice for two and half years.  It wasn’t easy.  I am sure sometimes I got it wrong, but because I knew him for so long, it made it easier.

As believers we operate as God’s voice on this earth.  He does speak on his own through creation (Romans 1:20), He even sends dreams and visions at times, but the majority of time, He speaks through you and me.  Darryl’s  muteness was caused by a physical blockage to that part of his brain that accessed his speech.  What is my excuse?  Fear, apathy, self-centeredness, lack of awareness or lack of confidence at times take over my speech center and I grow mute when I could speak up for Him.

Learning to use our voice for Him takes intention and preparation.  It may seem obvious that we need to spend time with Him in prayer, the Word and worship, asking Him to reveal Himself to us.  Many people watched the royal wedding this past weekend, it was amazing to hear all the spokespeople sharing their view points on the royals.  I don’t  know how much of it was true or not.  I don’t know the people involved, so I have to trust they knew what they were saying.  Unfortunately it seems to be the same for everyone who speaks for the Lord of the Heavens, not all know Him well enough to speak for Him–thus giving false representation.

I know I don’t know everything about Him.  I know, at times I may have falsely represented Him by my lack of knowledge or discernment.  I Corinthians 13:8 declares charity never fails.  So when we speak from a heart of love based on the light we have, I believe it is better than not speaking at all.  Believers,  as we seek Him, we will be found of Him.  Out of the meditations of the heart, our mouth speaks.  Taking time to meditate on His goodness and character will cause us to release faith and hope through our voice.  These are the things which cause our speech center to be activated for Him.  Jesus was moved with compassion, so as we too allow His love to overwhelm us for ourselves and for others, our voice will bring hope, encouragement and life to those around us.  Speak up, dear friends, there are those who need to hear the voice of the Lord.

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