Faith and Using Your Gifts

Last weeks blog “Faith and God’s Creation” honored God and His handiwork through His magnificent creation. When He created man in His image He gave each of the ability to be creative as well.  We each may use those gifts in a different way, with different mediums but we have been given the ability to be creative.

I want to honor my son in law Timothy Haslet.  Tim received an amazing ability to paint.  His ability to take acrylic or oil based paints and transform them into amazing masterpieces is inspiring.  He took his gift–painting and with training (an art degree from Whitworth College) and began to paint.

God sent him a wife who understands his need to paint.  Every place they have lived in their seventeen years of marriage they have “found a studio” for Tim to paint.  He painted in an attic, part of their laundry room and now in their home office. I am amazed how he makes it work.  It has taken time to hew his talent, it has taken money to fund his supplies and it has taken perseverance to keep painting.

Always he encourages others in their creativity.  God has brought him artistic friends and I have watched how they have mutually supported each other to stretch their creative ways.  He enters art shows–won second place the first year and first place this year!  Others are hearing of his skill and have invited him to use them to paint a fire hydrant here in Oak Harbor for the city beautification project.  God has favored him, because he has not buried his talent under a bushel he brings glory to the Lord.  By day currently he is a landscaper.  He paints with stone, plants and hard work.  Yards are transformed into beautiful creations where their owners can enjoy God’s handiwork.

This week end he has been invited to participate in the Whidbey Working Artists Open Studio Tour.  They are part of fifty artists on Whidbey Island who will be opening their “studio” or home to the public to share their art and creativity.  As they have prepared for this event I have watched Tim overcome many obstacles.  They have four children who love to live life!  They are taming their yard and creating and fulfilling their vision for their own home–reading it for all visitors who choose to come their way.  Of course we are praying for sales, but they are preparing a sanctuary to greet their new guests.  (I get the privilege of hosting the four lively children during this event!)

I can’t paint or draw, but when I teach God’s Word I am amazed at how He puts things together.  Images, object lessons and thoughts spring forth from my soul as I wait on Him.  How does your creativity reveal itself?  i spent last night helping some friends make apple pies for the homeless!  My friend has chosen this way to give back to her community.  She takes excess apples and turns them into a taste of love and caring.  Do not bury your talent in the ground.  Take it out and ask God how He wants to use it to show forth His glory.  Do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, but honor the gift He has given you.  It will bring Him glory and touch lives as I know Tim’s art will this coming weekend.

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