Faith and Birthdays!

I turned 69 this past week–so this is my last year to live the 60’s decade.  As I approached my birthday I realized that for some reason to me, 69 sounded a lot older than 68.  I don’t know why, but it seemed to bring with it difficult thoughts of “out to pasture”, “past your prime” and “the best years are behind you”.  Not really faith statements were they?  (I don’t know if it helped or hurt my thoughts when I overheard my niece talking about how she did not really feel or think of herself in her 40’s!)

However, I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit and how He can change our thoughts and perspectives.  The closer I came to my birthday, I discussed it with the Lord and discovered that it became just a number and then my focus shifted again, and it became an opportunity.  The decade started so sweet–(as a triplet, we hosted a family party for all our siblings–complete with color-coded shirts so everyone would know which grand-kid belonged to which family!)  It was a wonderful day with many memories.

My husband and I continued to develop our bi-coastal ministry–touching lives and watching God move and answer prayer as we sought to follow His Spirit (this was in 2009).  2010 brought radical changes.  Darryl suffered his major heart attack and stroke and my world shifted and I was plunged into the world of caregiver.  2012, he passed away and I began learning how to live life without him and what it means to come to grips with grief and loss.

The lessons I learned during this decade are precious, priceless and hard-earned.  They changed me.  Some of the soul strikes are still impacting my life, but God is still so faithful and good.  I’ve learned how our enemy is not fair and that there can be casualties in this life–but victory is promised.

So I am determined to make this year count for His kingdom.  I have set myself to enjoy this year, live it to the fullest.  Darryl and I had a motto together “the best is yet to come”.  Most every week our church posts it on the screen as it encourages those who responded to the salvation opportunity to follow up with our Fresh Start team.  I struggled with it for awhile, then once again the Lord and I had a conversation.  Do I believe the best is yet to come–here on this earth for me?  Or am I waiting for heaven?  I working on believing it.  I read it with hope, not pain and trust the shifts I still need are coming.  We serve a God who cares, and I believe this 69th year will be my best year ever!

(Update: Tim’s Open Studio Tour was a big success!)

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