Faith and Geography

Any of you enjoy what I call Microsoft pictures of the day?  Somehow, when I turn on my computer some stunning pictures of God’s creation show up.  Sometimes I try to figure out where that particular picture was taken.  Sometimes I actually guess right!  I don’t know who at the company gets to pick those pictures but they can be inspiring  if I take the time to look at them, rather than click, click on to my own agenda, I can see God’s handiwork displayed right on the screen.  For those of you who use Apple products or other systems let me explain.   When I turn on my computer instead of plain boring main screens, I receive each day a beautiful scenic picture.  They come from any part of the world and if you click on the picture you can learn about the location.    At times, I just click, click my way past them eager to get on to my own agenda,but lately I’ve slowed down the process and have really begun to enjoy this free gift of looking at God’s creation.  I choose to take time to savor them.

The psalmist who wrote Psalm 121 tells us: I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, where does my help come from? My help come from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and earth, indeed, he who watches over Israel will never slumber or sleep.  This is a deliberate action.  I will with intention, lift up my eyes to those things above me.  I will look unto the Lord–not just any Lord, but the Creator of all the Universe!  These daily pictures give me an opportunity, free of charge to see some of God’s handiwork outside my own geographical area!  But only if I actually take the time to really see them.  In order for me to really see or comprehend their beauty, I must with intention, choose to see the picture that is right before me.  When I take the time (like hunting for the old “where’s Waldo” picture”), I can find hidden gems that inspire me.

Some of the most amazing of God’s creations are the people around us.  If I am going to get the most out of my relationships with these God creatures–I must look at them with intention…not with a critical spirit.  Not with even a desire to “change” them.  But to just enjoy God’s handiwork–with no expectations.  That is not easy, but when I do, I find some hidden gifts, waiting to be opened.  I want to challenge you–when was the last time you really looked at your children?  Your spouse?  Your co-worker? Are they tired, weary, stressed?  Can you see joy and grace in their lives?   Do you just see their problems or short comings that may influence your world?  Or do you take the time to see the entire package of God’s handiwork…maybe as a work in progress?  Jesus knew every disciple he called was flawed.  He knew they were going to not measure up–but that is not why he picked them.  HE picked them for what they were going to do, for what they were going to add to the others.  When we begin to look for strengths, we find them.  We we focus on weaknesses, that’s what we find as well.  It is not being blind to the weakness, but they do not become our focus.  God helps us in our weaknesses, and if we pray and encourage, He will help those around us as well.  This takes faith.

I am writing this today to encourage you to look up–past the hills, past your geographical  limitations and see your God–working in the large and small parts of your life.  Take time to enjoy His amazing creation, but look for His Hand in the blessings of your life as well as the struggles.  He is there–waiting to be the Help you need, He is there urging you to stand fast or grow more in His ways, He is there waiting to meet your need.  The most beautiful part of God’s creation is people.  He is there waiting to help open your eyes to what He sees in your most difficult relationship.  If He opens your eyes to them, then He will show you what to do with that relationship.  Release your faith, dear friend.  This is what He cares about the most, if we can see Him in geography, we will be able to see His handiwork in our brothers and sisters.  Father, open our eyes to really SEE you in the world around us today.




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