Faith and Loving Above and Beyond

What is your first response when given an opportunity to do for someone “above and beyond” your natural inclinations?  If you are asked, especially when you are tired, it may be not I don’t think so.  I can’t.  You will have to find someone else (etc).

My oldest grand girl–who is 13 really loves the Lunar Chronicles,  by Marissa Meyer.  She is also the leader of a book club for her friends.  Imagine the excitement she felt when they found out that there was going to be a book launch held in Bellingham, WA (about an hour from my home).  Initially one of her friends mom was going to drive them both and they would stay at my home–but as the time progressed that fell through.

Our family’s love for Abby caused my daughter Elizabeth to take a five hour round trip drive with her four kids to pick up my daughter Rosanna, and her daughter’s Abby and Harmony.  My love for them said yes, Rosanna you can drive Abby to the book launch and I will drive you back home the following day.  Love caused me to exert myself–to go above and beyond my natural inclinations and help make it happen.  I believe Abby’s love tank was filled this week in an unique way.

Jesus left His home to go above and beyond for us.  Of course, we aren’t competing with Him, but as we follow His leading we may find ourselves saying yes, not out of fear, but out of faith.  It wasn’t just about “doing something” for her-but doing it in faith that God was working in her heart and soul in some new measure.  This memory will be part of her for a long time.  Does she understand the “above and beyond” cost we spent to make this work.  Probably not–because she is 13, but I believe her soul received a gift it needed.

Last Sunday our nursery lesson was based on the story of the Good Samaritan. A stranger who went above and beyond to help a stranger.  He spent his time, his money and energy to help a wounded man.  I am challenged to reach out to those around me –to ask the Lord to open my eyes to His opportunities,  I admit it was easier to go above and beyond because she is my granddaughter and I love her! This love above and beyond took about 333 round trip miles–but trusting the outcome will be even more so.

What are your “self induce limit” of love expressions or actions?  Think about it, ask Him to make some adjustments to your boundaries if you need to!


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