Faith and Surrender

Surrender is our entry into the ways of the Lord that are not ours by default.  Surrender is our entry into the thoughts of God that we need in order to understand His ways. Surrender is our victory that ends any conflict between us and God.  This is a quote from Darryl Rodman from his book Heart Treasure.

This word surrender is not something I  hear people discussing much lately.  Obedience, following the Holy Spirit and maybe the occasional word about submission is discussed, but not surrender.    Before we can obey, before we can begin to follow or even submit there needs to  be surrender.  In national battles we always want “our” side to win.  It is a natural desire–that the “they” are bad, and “we” are good.  It is different in the spiritual world.  God’s ways are always superior to our ways.  His thoughts are above our thoughts, but until we let go of our ways and receive His ways there is conflict.

Surrender: cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.   This past week my friend passed and is now rejoicing with the Lord!  This is a great thing.  However, his passing triggered some “grief” moments for me.  Partly because I know what his loss will mean to his family and all the re-adjustments that will come to this wife, sister, daughter, husband and grandchildren.  It triggered memories of Darryl’s passing as well.  My friend was able to talk and share with his family almost to the end.  I heard their stories and while I rejoiced with them, my heart was sad for me and our family.  My thoughts went to “it’s not fair, Lord”.  I did not get those final words, for when Darryl suffered his stroke two and half years before he lost his speech.  He lost much of his communication in other ways as well.  I knew that there is/was nothing God to do to “remake my story”.  It is what it was.   As I shared with Him my feelings over the next day or two–I struggled.  But then I surrendered.  I gave it back to Him and began to thank Him for what we did have rather than what I did not have.

It was amazing.  I actually experienced what this quote is saying. As I surrendered (yielded my way to His ways) He began to speak to me.  He showed me the gift he gave me ten days before Darryl’s stroke.  It was what ended up being our last “date day”.  During that day I asked him, “what would I ever do without you?”  During that conversation, he shared with me things that he would have shared during his final days.  I don’t know why I asked that question, but I do know the Comforter came again and reminded me that even though it wasn’t what I wanted it was what I needed.  But, it wasn’t until I “surrendered” to the Lord did I hear His perspective.  Up to that point I was stuck in my own head.  I am so thankful for His voice and perspective.  Are you struggling with something that doesn’t make sense?  Are experiencing conflict with the Lord about His direction in your life–I would encourage you to quickly surrender.  Remember you are surrendering to the God who loves you, cares for you and those you care for.  This God is the God who gave His life for you and has a plan for your life that is good and filled with much hope.  

God is not our enemy.  His ways may not be our ways, but they are always higher than our ways.  Better than our ways.  He is trustworthy and able to help us navigate through the darkest of times, but only when we give Him the wheel.  Surrender restores peace.  When we surrender we open ourselves up to His plans, His supply and His guidance.  This is a good thing!

Jesus prayed, “yet not my will, but your will be done”.  This was the ultimate surrender prayer–if he could pray that prayer facing what he had to face, we can follow his example and pray the same prayer.  Satan wants to make us think God is our enemy, but of course that is only to set us up for deception.  Do no fall for this lie.  God is good and surrendering to His will is also good.

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