Faith and Merry Christmas

It is even closer now. This wonderful amazing time we celebrate our Savior’s birth. When my children celebrated their birthdays (and now even our grandchildren) we would ask them how they wanted to celebrate their new milestone. We always tried to customize the party to truly honor the individual and their preferences. Yesterday, my granddaughter Malise was already planning her birthday–even though she doesn’t turn six until March!

So it led me to wonder–how would Jesus like his birthday remembered? I know it probably he was not born on December 25th–nobody knows exactly the date of His birth. As a family we have developed our own traditions–some we have had to adjust over the years as our family has grown and developed. I know some people always have a birthday cake for Jesus–but that was not something we chose to do–partly because some of our family does not do cake!

One of the more unique traditions we have developed is to give each other “word” gifts before we open our presents (for us on Christmas morning). We prayerfully try to communicate God thoughts to each individual. One year my son in law painted some prophetic artwork and shared his insights with each family. I was reminded of that special Christmas Word the other day as I saw it hanging in their living room. Part of last years word I received was that I was not alone, and that I did not have to figure out life alone.

My Word gift for my readers is to remind you that you too are not alone. That even during times of struggles and difficulties, our God is there with you. He has not forsaken you–nor will He. This part of your journey is just that–a journey. You will pass through these waters and get to the other side. You will become stronger, wiser and more conformed to His nature as you allow Him to lead and guide you–even through the hard places. You are blazing trails for others. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. You will make it. You will see His Handiwork. He will open your eyes, as you ask Him to show you where He is working. Faith is stirring. Use it to touch the lives of those around you through prayer, loving actions and words of encouragement. Do not give up or grow weary in well doing, for your reward in releasing your faith is real. Trust Him. Look to Him. Seek Him. It is so worth it my friends. Take time to bask in His love and care–for He is worthy, He is trustworthy and He is able to carry you through.

Merry Christmas!

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