Faith and Unexpected Miracles

One of my favorite times of the day is to wake up in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and spend time with the Lord and His Word. It is a routine that I have implemented for most of my life. Over thirty years ago my husband bought me this wonderful small invention called a mug warmer. It is like a small hot plate–that does just what it says–keeps your coffee/tea warm. It is one of those joy-bringer items in my home!

I also like snowmen. One of my daughters gave me, again several years ago a very special snowman stuffed animal. He is very cuddly, soft and true confession–during some of my grief moments–a small comfort friend. I’ve introduced him to my grandkids and he hangs out on or around my bed. One day, as I was changing the sheets on my bed, he ended up on the floor between my night stand and bedframe.

A few weeks ago I became ill. (Later to be diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia!) However, all I knew was that I was not well, extremely tired and probably not thinking clearly too. My nightstand held many more items than usual due to my sickness. I heard something fall, but did not have the energy to investigate what it was. The good news that I know God helped short circuit my recovery.

Last Saturday I woke with the extreme thought–you need to “deep clean” your bedroom. I really just wanted to take the morning off and rest as I had some baking and a meeting to attend that evening after a busy week–but it was sooo strong an impression that I thought how nice it would be when it was finished. Imagine my shock when I discovered it was the mug warmer that had fallen on my snowman. In the fall it had gotten turned on and the legs of the snowmen were charred black. The mug warmer warped out of shape and still functioning. I am still in awe how my home did not burn down.

I am so grateful for God’s protection, mercy and grace. I don’t know how long the mug warmer and the snowman were connected. It really could have been a week or more. As I examined the fur I could see it was burned down to the backing of the fur. If it had burned through I think it would have ignited and depending when it would have happened I could have lost my home or my life. God protected me–even when I did not know I needed it. As I look at the damaged warmer and the charred to charcoal legs of the snowman all the potential fear turned to gratitude and thanksgiving. As I prepared for our Life Group meeting last night I was grateful for an intact home to host these wonderful ladies. When I crawled into my wonderful husband crafted bedframe my heart was overwhelmed with God’s goodness.

I also experienced my first car accident that evening as well. It was considered a 50/50 responsibility accident. But it brought me closer to my neighbors and an opportunity to learn how to interact with them. I have watched our interaction grow asS we do life in our area together. Praying for God’s purpose to be accomplish in that relationship.

This was an obvious miraculous protection from the Lord. I wonder how many times His angels protect us and we are unaware of that protection. Because of that protection, my life goes on as normal–yet I am changed. More than likely I wouldn’t have died in the possible fire, but I would have lost just things. I do miss my mug warmer, but it is not a necessity. Even my snowman can be somewhat salvageable for memory sake. Rejoice with me that we have a God who protects, cares and intervenes. May all our eyes be open to His handiwork in our lives.

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