Faith and God’s Help

A few weeks ago I was reading in the book of Leviticus. Not a very inspiring book to many and to be honest, I was simply reading in that portion because it was what came next in my Bible reading plan. I remember almost apologizing to the Lord about my “lack of interest” in this scriptural portion. However, as I was reading a thought began to form in my mind. These priestly duties contained a lot of detail. Moses and the Holy Spirit gave them some very clear detailed instruction on how they were to perform their individual tasks. God cares about details.

One of my secret frustrations with myself is how difficult it is at times for me to find paperwork I need in my filing system. I have attempted a few times to re-organize my system, but it would just get overwhelming and I would make do. This may sound a little silly or presumptuous, but I just said to the Lord–“you like details.. Can you please show me how to organize my files so they make sense to me? (What I realized is that I had been trying to do a mix of how my husband used to do it–and what made sense to me–and it just wasn’t working). He began to help me see what to do. This overwhelming task of sorting through years of files became doable. My mind began to see how to do it, what changes I needed to do that made sense to me.

It was amazing to me how reading about the priestly duties gave me the faith and courage to tackle this task. I talked some of my thoughts through with my daughter Elizabeth who gave me a few hints and tips and I was off. It took awhile–but some amazing memories were uncovered as well. Some made me laugh, some brought tears–but mostly relief as I can now access the important papers I need.

Friends, what are you facing that seems overwhelming? James reminds us “you have not because you ask not:. We have a helper that wants to be a part of our lives. He wants to teach us new things, help us with our problems and bring solutions to some practical areas of our lives if we just ask. It feels so good to know that this task is under control. My friend brought over her industrial strength paper shredder–so I even have a safe way to dispose of the outdated financial papers. God is so good. He is a very present help in our time of trouble as we invite Him in. I felt loved and cared for once again by our Savior. I encourage you to ask for His help in every area of your life–it builds faith for the bigger issues as well!

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