Faith, Battles and God’s Help

Last week I wrote about faith and moving from hysteria to history. I mentioned different life situations that can cause a feeling of panic or overwhelming stress that can take us by surprise. The day after I wrote that blog I encountered such an attack.

Several months ago I signed up for the United States Post Office Informed Delivery Service. This is a service that sends me an email of any mail I can expect to show up at my mail box. It has been a blessing because I only make trips to the post office when I actually have mail! However on Friday I saw I had a letter from the Department of the Treasury, yes the Internal Revenue Service addressed to Impart Ministries. This meant that I had made another mistake. I have been so careful to follow all their rules so it upset me. To be honest it also set up some grief triggers because my husband used to take care of all that stuff and now it was on me. Suddenly I found myself in a spiritual battle–which really outweighed the situation.

When I went to the post office to pick it up, my mail box was empty. It has happened before, so I thought its ok, I will get it on Saturday. I did my best not to worry and cast this care back onto the Lord. I knew there was nothing I could do about it, but just wait. Still the oppression grew. When I went to the post office on Saturday morning, no letter. In its place was a notice of failed delivery for a certified letter from the IRS. I have never had a certified letter from them before. My mind began to wander and wonder–what did I do? What possibly could this mean? The only thing I could think of was they were going to audit Impart Ministries. I reached out to my daughter Elizabeth and she prayed and encouraged me. But the power of the oppression still raged.

However, I had other mail in the box that day. One was a letter from an Impart Ministry supporter. It was out of time for her usual financial gift–so I was surprised to receive it. I opened it and read the following:

April 4, 2019

Dear Martha,

Felt very impressed (via a dream) to write to you today. I love you very much. I come against any fear, loneliness, lack, feeling of inadequacy, weakness, vulnerability, darkness, discouragement and helplessness. I rebuke, refuse them on your behalf. I raise up a standard against them. I call forth the angelic army of God to surround you with strength, tools of warfare, the blood of Jesus, the light of the Word and the oil of the Holy Spirit, faith, truth, righteousness, peace, the sword. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I speak supernatural awareness of any trap or snare. You are encompassed about by godly guardians and protection. Walk in liberty, Patti

When I read this short letter, I started crying. So many of the areas that she mentioned were things I was struggling with. I shared the letter with a few people. God had given this woman a dream about me and she took the time to write this amazing prayer. It was overwhelming. I want to encourage us to follow through with connecting with people God puts on your heart. She had no way of knowing my situation. But it came in time.

You would think that the oppression would have immediately lifted with all this encouragement, right? But no, it was stubborn. I re-read the letter and began to sort through my tools of warfare. What hadn’t I employed? Ah, worship. I turned on my Spotify worship playlist and peace began to be restored. I had reached out to another friend for prayer earlier and she texted me a prayer right before I went to sleep. Liberty was coming, I was walking out of the darkness into His light once again.

My daughter had given me a scripture from 2 Kings 3 :14-24 on Sunday, and said “it’s a small thing for the Lord, whatever it is.” Monday, as I went to the post office to pick up the letter, I was calm and at peace. It was what it was. As I read it, I realized it was a mistake. It was a collection notice for something that I had proof was already settled. A mistake on their part. I called the number, but of course they were too busy to take my call. The next morning I tried again, praying for a caring, clear person to answer my call. After a thirty minute wait, I was connected to Ms. Lee. She was awesome and she agreed I had a zero balance owing. I even shared with her about my hysterical to historical blog. God is good.

As I shared this story with my Life Group last night, one of the other gals could really relate to this kind of attack. She too had been struggling with lies and oppression. This story became a help to her. God is in the midst of our struggle. He helps us as we walk through storms.

Father, I ask you to help your people as they walk through the storms of life. I thank you that you are true to your Word, a very present help in the time of trouble. Please send your peace, wisdom and solutions to those who are facing overwhelming problems. In Jesus Name, amen

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