Faith and His Presence

Listening to a worship song “Spirit Move” (Spontaneous) with worship leader Kalley Heiligenthal by Bethel Music I am drawn to the words “Come Lord Jesus Come”. What an amazing gift when He shows up. How things begin to shift in our thinking, our soul begins to receive His Peace, His wisdom, His grace fills all the troubled places.

We have to open our hearts to His Presence. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. He promised the children of Israel to lead and guide them, and that promises is ours as well. We are not alone today. As we seek Him and His will and allow His Spirit to touch us in our real places–we are changed. Courage is imparted. Life becomes not just doable–but it becomes something we can actually live in a way that we can make a difference,

Moms of small children fill your home with His Worship and Praise. Fill your hearts with His Presence and you will find solutions to parenting issues–for with His Presence comes His Wisdom. Marriage issues? Seek Him for His solution with the power of His Presence. In His Presence the mountains of problems begin to become manageable and more easily handled.

Fear goes in His Presence. Anger subsides in His Presence. Forgiveness begins to be easier to apply, because we are reminded of His love and the price He paid for our own sin. His Presence brings joy. His Presence brings HOPE. HIs Presence is our Life. My dear ones, cultivate His Presence in your home and your car. But most of all, cultivate the place for Him in your own heart. Let the worship music soften the hard places of your heart. Let it minister to those dry places which need His life giving waters.

His Presence may bring challenges to change your thinking and behavior to walk more in His ways–but that is what it is all about isn’t it? To walk as a disciple of Jesus, we need to allow ourselves to be conformed to His image–His Presence helps us say “yes” to His work in our hearts.

Invite Him to come afresh and anew into your environment. It definitely will make a difference!

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