Faith and “It’s”

We may not get it the first time around, or even after many rounds, but God doesn’t give up His determination to help us get it. Whatever our “it” is today, God is PRESENTLY helping us! This is a quote by Darryl Rodman. I added the caps on presently because it is so encouraging to understand that He is always helping us as we walk this journey called life. Last week I talked about anxiety and some steps to combat it, I had some encouraging responses to those words. Trusting this article will also be a blessing.

Our family was touched by tragedy this past weekend as an extended family member lost her hope and took her own life. I remember her as a child–full of smiles and life. Somewhere along her journey her way got very hard and for some reason felt it was too hard to continue. My heart hurts for her, her mom, dad, daughter and other family plus all her friends. Such events always cause us to pause and wonder how, why or what could we have done???

If one of the “its” He is teaching you is that you are valuable to Him and others? That no matter how far away you feel, He is only one step back? If you are struggling with the the fact He does love you, can I encourage you to just surrender to His words of life and use that little faith you have to choose to believe it! I’ve seen so many fight against the truth of His unconditional love within their own hearts and minds. I’ve done it. I know when I finally made a decision to simply trust His Words–and relax into His love my life changed. What a difference it has made over the years as He has led me into other truths. It really is the gateway to learning His ways and His plans for you. No wonder the enemy fights so hard against this basic of all basic of truths. Friends, He loves you. You are loved by the Creator of all the Universe. Please accept this “its” of all “its”. We do not work for it, earn it or deserve it. It is a gift. Let it sink deep into your soul. You are loved.

If the “it” your Savior is trying to impart into your life is the “it” of the fact you do make a difference in the lives of others, please believe that “it”. Many struggle with this “it”. It leaves them lonely and isolated, full of fear and insecurity. They do not believe that they can reach out from the island of self to help some one else. If this is your “it”, please trust Him as He leads you to reach out to help your friend, your neighbor, your co-worker. Respond to His love.

Let us implement these lessons into our hearts and lives. Sunday a young man came for prayer–his need, “I’m lonely”. We had just sung a song called “You Know My Name” by Tasha Cobbs. It was his first time at our church. I asked the young man next to me to help me pray with him after I heard his need. It was such a God connection. After praying, I mentioned it was God he came to us, as I knew loneliness as a widow and the other young man was also single. They connected after service and I know God is working on meeting his need. We commended him on being brave to come forward. So maybe your “it” is being brave and letting others carry your load of care.

Maybe your struggle is with faith. “Lord, help my unbelief!” is a prayer He loves to answer. Usually He sends you to His Word to grow in those weaker faith areas–after all faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God! So however He is helping you receive your “it”, trust Him. He is a good, consistent, and relentless teacher! There are many “its” in our life. I am grateful He continually desires to not only teach us, but also lead us through our valleys and onto our resting places.

Father, I ask you to help us run to you and all the truths you are helping us to embrace. I ask for faith to believe whatever “it” you are working into the hearts of your children, whether it is new faith, new grace, new hope or other areas of character building. You are a good good Father, and we choose to trust you today.

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