Faith and Tops Chefs II

As I pondered the similarities of my own top chefs–people who minister the gospel in such a way the encourages me to “taste and see that the Lord is good”, it occurred to me that it is the heart of the chef that makes the difference. Every minister that I mentioned last week all desire to please Him first–no matter what. Each of their journeys have had their own difficult places in which they chose to keep on following Him, no matter the cost. This caused a tenderization of their heart as well as an understanding of fellowship with Him through suffering.

We each are given the same opportunity to push into Him and His ways in order to learn more of Him, or turn away with a hardened heart. As I look back at my life, I see times of relative peace–simply living life, raising children and enjoying my relationship with Jesus. I also remember my own difficult places where I found myself beseeching Him with fervent prayer desperately needing Him to bring revelation, answers and wisdom. It was during those times that I grew in my understanding of life and Him. I know that my top chefs also faced and conquered their own personal difficulties. It is in those seasons where our faith is tested–especially in when the answers are “no”, when we desperately desire yes’s that are faith is proven. Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego, it is in the fire that our faith is proven. I wonder what their conversations was like in the fire with the “fourth man”!

Dear friends, keep on walking. Keep on trusting. Keep on choosing to “eat the meat” of your life, not just the sweets. It is the Word of God which is the stability of our times. If you find it difficult to read the Word, ask the Lord to give you an appetite for it. Take the scriptures your pastor preaches on Sunday and re-read them at home. Pick a Psalm and slowly read it. This is how you will grow in your own ability to help others taste and see that He is good.

People all around you need hope. If you are walking through a time of difficulty–please turn to Him and His body. Ask for help. Please do not feel you are alone in this life. The best chefs do not prepare the whole meal themselves, but glean from others. We need each other. You are needed.

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Although many will gather to eat a meal, I am not sure how many really take the time to be thankful for what they have been given. This season of my life I have chosen to thank God for what is in my life, not what I feel is missing. I am a blessed woman. I am grateful. I am thankful for the difficulties that have brought me to a closer walk with Him. I am grateful for every “chef” who has encouraged me along my way. Many of my encouraging chefs are not even preachers–but simply believers who have walked with Him and proved Him. I thank you for the role model and strength you have given myself and others by simply walking with Him.

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