Faith and Moving Cheese

Hmmmm–somebody’s been moving my cheese. Yep, I keep encountering cheese movers in my life. (If you haven’t read this little book by Spencer Johnson, ” Who Moved My Cheese?”, I recommend it!) As we end 2019 and begin not only a new year, but a new decade I have to accept that some where during this year my cheese will be moved. How I handle that, is up to me. Will I be frustrated, angry and resistant? Or will I trust the God of the Universe to help me navigate any changes up ahead?

Thanks to Facebook memories I re-read an post I wrote in the end of 2009. It was full of faith and understanding that although we did not know what was in store for us in 2010, our God did and we could trust Him. My cheese totally got moved in April 2010 when my husband suffered his heart attack/stroke. I had to lean on God’s character and faithfulness during the 2 1/2 years I was his caregiver. During that season I knew my life landscape was permanently altered and it would never be the same again. After his passing, my cheese continues to get moved. Not as drastic, but it happens.

Washington state put in new child safety laws for 2020. My granddaughter who has been out of a booster seat for two years barely squeaked by as she weighs 49 1/2 pounds–the cut off was 49. She would not have enjoyed going back to a booster seat–no matter how much safer they say she would be. Her cheese would definitely have been moved!

Years ago I accidentally mixed ammonia and bleach together thinking I was following a DIY recipe for a good floor cleaner. As I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my floor–it took me awhile to realize I was burning my lungs. At that moment I started moving my cheese myself for my health. I now struggle with asthma and its much easier for me to get pneumonia (which is why I missed the past two weeks of posting!). I am trusting God for His healing, wisdom and strategies for not being as strong as I thought I would be at this age.

As we enter 2020 I find myself hopeful, yet sober. It is hard for me to understand how we made it to such cultural shifts in my lifetime. I read where a woman was boasting how her abortion made her feel like god! My heart was sickened and I pray for her that she would begin to understand exactly what her choice did. I know the Bible tells us that men’s hearts are going to be hardened in the last days–but I admit I never thought exactly how that would look.

I believe God is ruling our universe–but in His wisdom and balance has given man much freedom to make our own choices. I can’t control others choices, but I can help influence them with His Word and His perspective (the best I can have!). Let us pray for our leaders, our friends and families that Truth shall be revealed and where the darkness has blinded eyes, the LIGHT shall prevail. Our God is reigning. Let us submit to His rule and trust any cheese moving will be for our benefit!

One thought on “Faith and Moving Cheese

  1. Happy new Year and your family!🥳🥳💥💥 It is well with your family. Thank you for sharing an encouraging post. God is so sovereign, yet he doesn’t always force his will on us. He has given us the freedom to choose. What a patient God!
    The book you recommended sounds like a good read. I will find it. Have a blessed day.


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