Faith and Stillness

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10. This Psalm was written “for the choir director”, a song of the descendants of Korah, when the Israelite’s found themselves in a time of trouble. As a Mom and Grandma I know I must have uttered this phrase a lot,”Be Still”. Be still in the car, be still in church, be still when I was brushing hair, be still when I was trying to clean a wound or remove a sticker. Most of the time it came out as more of a command that a gentle suggestion.

The Korahites were part of the Levitical family who served the temple. Their father and associates were swallowed up by their sin, but these faithful ones were spared. They were part of the ‘worship’ team and were encouraged to sing when a strong sound was needed! During times of trouble, we need strong voices to speak God’s truth and insight. As we remember this is part of a song to be sung by these selected voices, we must know they were the ones to set a tone for the rest of the company.

So here we are commanded to “be still and know that He is God”. At times when I teach my grandchildren science it will be “review question” time. Often times it will involved immediate rewards with a Skittle, chocolate chip or other sweet for the correct answer. I have had to use the “be still” command to capture their enthusiasm so they can hear not only the instructions, but the questions. Bringing stillness into our situation allows us to hear the still small voice that will lead and guide us to victory.

The command “Be Still” has more to do with cease your striving or in this scenario “Stop fighting”. The Israelite’s were at war during this time with specific enemies. The scripture is commanding their enemies to cease fire as the True God is fighting for them, and they will be defeated. Today I read Psalm 54: 6 I will sacrifice a voluntary offering to you; I will praise your name, O Lord, for it is good. For you have rescued me from my troubles and helped me to triumph over my enemies. As I meditated on the section–you have rescued me from my troubles and helped me triumph over my enemies, it let me to think about those troublesome little foxes stubbornly keeping me from victory. God is God of our Big enemies as well as our small ones. As I choose to be still before Him, allowing Him to be God in the midst, He often reveals to me how each victory is to be one. Is it anxiety? Is it fear? Is it anger? Waiting on and with Him leads us to solutions we often would not have figured out. Being still is trusting in His ability, not my own. Father, it is not just my body that needs to be still, but my own soul. Teach me how to still my mind before you and allow you to show me how you are truly God in every situation. I know you are fighting for me, and with me, and for that I am very grateful. I choose your ways, not my own. In Jesus Name, amen

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