Faith and Expectations during Covid

Are you expecting? I have heard of sad and embarrassing stories where well meaning people ask other women if they are pregnant? When they awkwardly say, “no”, it is embarrassing to everyone. The questioner and those questioned. A tummy bulge does not always mean a baby. As we navigate another week of shelter in place many find it difficult to keep on expecting or what they are expecting is negative. More boring days, more difficult times negotiating peace between siblings or getting children to stay on their home schooling tasks. Perhaps as tensions have been building they expect discord with their partners and more complaints about the food. Divisive discussions about the wearing of face masks, who or when should shopping be done and who controls the remote. It can be challenging to keep stirring up good expectations–but that is exactly why we to do it!

We are waiting in expectation for the different “phases” of our state getting back to our old normal. We are in Phase 1 which is for our family, a blessing. My son in law is able to get back to his landscaping business! But there still is so much uncertainty in even knowing when we can expect phase 2, 3 etc. Do we have faith that this phasing in scenario will work, or are we putting more people at risk? I expect we will see a rise in numbers as we move toward more phases. It is my expectation that people will have a difficult time keeping social distancing as they long to be together with their friends and family. I expect it will be hard for some restaurants to keep a watch on their servers and clients to obey the protocols that have been set out. All these expectations are definitely my reality. But what about Godly expectations during this continued Covid challenge?

If truly, Jesus Christ the Same, Yesterday and Today then His thoughts, which are higher than our thoughts are still for us and not against us. His purpose for us to be the Light in this dark world is still His expectation for us. He who has begun a good work in us, has a plan for us to be perfected through this virus. My expectation is that He is using this situation to help conform me to His image. It is my expectation that I will be, as I choose to follow Him, to become more like Him through this situation than ever before.

I must continue to stir myself in Him. It is not easy. There are days when I would prefer to “turtle up” and simply forget about life outside my four walls. However, once again my love for Him and the years of discipline provokes me to seek Him–and there are times He just says, “rest, my daughter”. Enjoy yourself! His yoke is easy and His burden is light. My dear friends, as we seek Him, He will be found. As we knock the door shall open–the door to His wisdom, His certainty, His direction and His grace will open for us to a new season of life. I know I have written on this subject recently, but I feel we (I) need to be reminded once again. We really are blessed to be able to pick up the phone and call our friends and family. To connect through Zoom and video chat is really amazing. Instead of being frustrated when our technology fails, or our knowledge of technology is lacking be grateful we have it at all. Snail mail would make it really difficult to stay as connected as we are.

Once again, I encourage us all to rise in the morning with expectation that He will give us the wisdom we need for the day. We will learn and grow in Him. Our character in this season is being revealed–not always a pretty sight. Let us choose to eat of and manifest the fruit of the Spirit. The hope of the righteous is gladness, but the expectation of the wicked perishes. Proverbs 10:28.

I am not expecting a baby (that would be down right weird!), but I am expectant that God will bring us through this season with His purpose fulfilled. Every expectant mom experiences some good days and some difficult days–so it is the same with our walk with the Lord. Adjusting our expectations to accept there will be struggles is real. But we can do it–who knows what He is going to birth when our time is fully come! Those of you who are quarantined with children, use this time to train them, love them and enjoy them. Married couples spend time together enjoying each other. This is a good time to be alive, as we trust Him.

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