Faith and The Purpose Behind My Blog

This is a very personal insight into the behind the scene motivation in what I am trying to accomplish! I love God. I love His creation called “people”. It is my simple desire to encourage His people to love Him more–not just in words, but also in action. It is my desire to stir up your heart to Him in every area! To remind you that you are always in His sight. To know that His heart, hand and mind is towards you. Isn’t that an encouraging word?

During this Covid season, I have slowed down my morning devotions. It has been so amazing to read slow enough to catch things I have missed, or forgotten. My chosen reading “program” is currently found on YouVersion, “Bible in One Year 2020 with Nicky Gumbel”. It encompasses a daily devotional by Nicky Gumbel, an English Anglican priest who developed the Alpha program–a Christian discipleship program. I enjoy his insights which include personal testimonies, historical facts and stories of others who have walked this Christian path. Listening to him reminds me that Christianity is not an American gospel! I have fallen more in love with God’s Word than ever before. It has never been my heart to just “read it” and check off the to do list, but to read to apply. I have done this over the years with various success, but I’m seeking to up my success rate! I love His mercy and grace. I love His Holy Spirit drawing me closer to Him. I love His quiet correction. (Sunday morning I awoke, with many plans in mind. As I was ordering my steps, I quietly heard this voice, “and how is this planning going without me?”. Oops! I apologized and repented, and asked Him to order my steps. It became a much more fun and satisfying day than I had planned–including my daughter, son and some grandchildren! Still got everything on my list accomplished and more!

If this blog has stirred up a desire to get to know and walk with this mighty Savior, it is readily available to you! The Bible is very clear on the fact that we all fall short (or sin) against God and His ways. That, in essence, is why we need a Savior. Jesus came with that express purpose in mind. He paid the price (his crucifixion), but also gave us power over our sinful nature showed forth in his resurrection! It is a free gift we simply need to ask for by faith, and receive it. My late husband’s story was amazing. He was raised as an atheist. To him, there was no God. After fighting against the truth, one day he woke up, got down on the floor and began to cry out “Jesus if I am who they say I am a sinner, and you who are they say you are, a savior, then save me!” As he prayed this prayer, he knew like he knew it, Jesus was real and he indeed saved him! His life began to be transformed–eventually becoming a preacher and pastor! This is a simple prayer, you also can pray. Father, I ask that you help any reader to come to know you more. Your Word declares we love you because you first loved us, and it is so true. I ask that you break down any barriers past experiences or teachings have had that would hinder them from taking this step. I ask that you give them courage to taste and see that you really are good! I silence the lies of our enemy and ask that you open their ears to your truth, in Jesus Name.

To those of you who are walking with Him, Romans 1:12 NLT, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. This is my heart for the small group I lead as well. It is my heart to add value and encouragement to every one I meet as well as my written words. Unlike other religions and beliefs, our God is knowable, approachable and responsive. He desires to directly interact with us through each day with His Presence, His Word and those that know him. I am so grateful, aren’t you?

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