Faith and “Thy Will Be Done”

Driving in the car on Tuesday afternoon, I turned my thoughts toward our election and began to ask the Lord “how do you want me to pray?” I heard very clearly, “thy will be done”. Immediately peace began to fill my heart and once again I recognized His Sovereignty. In a way, it shouldn’t matter who wins the election as far as my walk with the Lord goes.

I will seek to be a peacemaker among those who do think like I do. I will continue to pray for our leaders, even those I disagree. I will continue to trust His leadership for my country. I will continue to seek to walk in the Light and be a Light to those who are looking for His ways. I will grow in my ability to trust Him no matter what comes my way.

I will choose to trust His ways, which may not be my ways. I will choose to remember that His ways are higher than my ways, and I can trust Him. I will choose to draw nigh to Him and walk in that friendship and grace. There was always a remnant that strove to walk in His righteous ways when there was an evil king ruling in Israel. Paul and the early church stood and lived under Nero and his persecution. We can stand, no matter what. I have heard first hand, how believers stood during the Communist takeover in Hungary and Romania and continued to grow in His grace and mercy. Our Chinese brethren are standing under severe persecution, it is not easy, but they are standing. I don’t know the future, but as the saying goes, I know who holds the future.

Dear ones, let us stand, pray and seek to walk worthy of the calling we have. We can do this. I choose to walk humbly with my God as we navigate these difficult times. I choose to govern my words, so I speak the truth in love. If you are feeling out of control and anxious, remember these days did not catch Him off guard. He is still on the throne, and as we simply allow Him to remain Lord of our lives, we are and will be secure.

As of this writing, the count is still continuing. Let us be diligent to pray for clarity, honesty and truth to prevail. Settle in your heart, now, that if your candidate wins or loses you will choose to walk in faith. Disappointment, discouragement and even a bit of disillusionment may arise, but do not let them take away your confidence in your loving God. Somebody will win, some one will lose. Those are the facts we do know! Thy will be done, dear Lord, not just in this election, but in my life and in your Kingdom.

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