Faith and Dry Bones

My Bible reading program brought me to Ezekiel 38 this week. As I began to read about God’s famous question to Ezekiel: “Can these dry bones live?”, I felt the Holy Spirit ask me the same thing. It was like a jolt. Faith began to arise and I began to look around at the things in my life that I have just accepted as being dry and done. No life. No faith. Just acceptance as the way it is, so it shall stay.

But as this question became my question, I began to get excited. I began to ask Him to show me what areas in my life had I just accepted the circumstances? My own health has been especially difficult for the past few months . After testing, I found out my thyroid was not doing its job. About the same time I started on thyroid meds, I had an asthma flair and I could hardly walk across the room without experiencing shortness of breath. Monday morning, I woke to a shift in the circumstances. I could actually get things done! I am believing the allergies and asthma are also coming subject to His Word as well. My breathing will come alive and I can do what He calls me to do. The drying bones of my lungs are coming to life.

My friends, what or where are your dry bones? Is it in your marriage relationship? Your job situations? Your finances? Your own life perspectives? Your health? Hopelessness? Maybe you have some bones in your life that seem to be “drying and dying”–don’t wait till they are dead, but begin to speak life into them in the Name of Jesus. Hopeless situations do not have to stay hopeless. We serve an amazing Savior that came into this world with power and might that He wants to impart into and for us. Ezekiel’s response, was “Lord, you know”. We can read that with a sense of resignation, or we can let it begin to kindle expectation. Your thoughts may have settled on if God wanted to change things, they would change. However, He used Ezekiel to prophesy to those bones. He spoke to the dead bones while they were yet dead. He spoke in faithful obedience, as we should.

Maybe your dry bones are in the area of your parenting. Your child is a struggling learner. Do not lose hope. Begin to speak faith and encouragement to them. Call for the breakthroughs needed. Maybe you feel like it is your patience that is dry and dead. Remember, we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit working within. Ask Him for insight and direction, and when you begin to speak where His Spirit is prompting, release your faith and expect change. Do not let fear paralyze you from speaking to those hard or dry things. Expect change to happen. Lift your voice and declare life, not death. I have experienced Godly intervention, and it is good.

“Can these dry bones live?” I am excited as I sense breakthroughs coming. I believe with a resounding yes–in spite of Covid, In spite of past experiences, your dry bones can and will live. It may take time. It may take tenacity, but they will live, In Jesus Name.

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