Faith and Appetite

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusts in Him. Psalm 34:8 NKJV

I’ve not felt too well this week. I was exposed to COVID, and it may be I have a mild case of Omicron. It has changed my appetite. Fortunately, I still have my taste and smell, but only certain types of foods taste good to me right now. Last week at Grocery Outlet, I bought two cases of individual fruit cups. I have never bought them for myself before, but I do like them a lot. Turns out, they hit the spot! They soothe my throat and they are just enough to satisfy my smaller appetite. They taste especially good to me, during this season.

As I am starting to feel better, I know my appetite will expand again. I love God’s Word. I have a disciplined reading plan that I have done for years. It simply works for me. It includes a Psalm or Proverb, Old Testament reading and New Testament reading. The balance helps me get through some of the “blander” portions (dare I say that?) I know “all scripture is inspired by God!”, but some parts do seem a bit more poignant than others, right? We must remember it isn’t the Word of God that we are seeking, it is the God of the Word. Taking time to see Him in the midst of our reading is prime goal, isn’t it? That is where we really begin to “taste and see that He is good”. It is where we find out that those that trust in Him are truly blessed. Learning to apply the Word we read is where we really learn how awesome He is. When I simply read the Word, without looking for the God of the Word, I may get some head knowledge, but I miss the fullness of the fellowship I could behaving with Him. Praying before I even open the Bible helps remind me to see and seek Him during my reading. If you have skipped this step, trying adding it in to your routine.

This year, I have added a devotional to my study. It is Jesus Listens, by Sarah Young. The format of this book is a simple prayer that she writes to our Savior her thoughts and concerns, with applicable scriptures listed at the bottom. I make sure I take the time to read those scriptures. Slowing down and reading these inspiring verses out of my normal rhythm has been so enjoyable. It is like my individual peach serving; they whet my appetite for more. I have appreciated each one. Her writing has caused me to “taste and see” different aspects of our God. They help round out my spiritual diet for the day.

When I was thinking about the connection between natural eating and spiritual eating, I thought about things that make me keep eating when I know I have had enough. Comfort foods or sweets like fudge and chocolate cake–I just keep going back for more, because they taste so good! As our relationship with Jesus keeps growing, it is like that as well. He overwhelms us with His goodness and we desire Him more. We don’t have to worry about calories or cholesterol! We can simply enjoy His Presence, Peace and Purpose even in our weary world. If it’s been awhile since you have taken the time to taste and see His goodness, try it today! Tasting and finding God’s goodness, also helps curb our appetite for the not so healthy choices in our life, which is always a good thing.

Father, I ask You to help increase our appetite for You. I thank You that when we seek You, we will find You. I ask that you help us see You, not only in Your Word, but in those around us: in their stories, their experiences of You as well. Father, You are so good. Help those who are going through not so good things right now. Help them to see You in the midst of their trials and tests. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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