Faith and Traps

For he will rescue you from every trap ….Psalm 91:3 NLT

As I read this scripture, I began to wonder what kind of traps has our enemy set for us. One that readily came to mind, is the mindset of: “it’s not fair”. It’s not fair that I lost the love of my life, it’s not fair that my children do not have their father to help them through difficult circumstances, it’s not fair my grandchildren do not get to enjoy his music, his joking and his wisdom. That is true. It is not fair. But when the “it’s not fair” thoughts come to mind, (and it happens to all of us) we must recognize Satan’s subtle traps that are lurking there. Meditating on “it’s not fair” accusation can lead us down a very deep, ugly slope of doubt, discouragement, dissatisfaction and even depression.

Satan loves to get us (like Adam and Eve) to question the goodness of God and His ways. If when the “it’s not fair” thoughts begin to swirl in my mind and my heart, and I don’t capture those thoughts a pattern usually arises. I begin to doubt and become dissatisfied with other areas of my life. Maybe, when I was married, I thought “it’s not fair” her husband makes more money than mine, so they can afford more things. There was truth to this statement, because we did live a very frugal lifestyle due to our ministry commitments. I admit, I sometimes dwelt on those negative thoughts. When I did, I struggled; joy left and my life was harder.

But, when I reminded myself, that it was our choice, brought on by obedience to what we felt was God’s will and purpose, the tension left and joy returned. I figured out, fairly soon, that the “it’s not fair” thoughts only robbed me of seeing and celebrating God’s blessings. By following His plan and purpose for our life, we were able to travel and minister to Jamaica, England and Ghana! Was that fair, no we were blessed! The sneaky thing about “it’s not fair” thoughts is they skew your perspective, and steal the ability to rejoice in the good God things that God is doing in and through your life.

There are other traps Satan sets for us like fear, jealousy, pride, sexual temptation, deception and the love of money. Each of these can be as deadly as the “it’s not fair” trap. Please take time to examine your own life. Have you fallen for his deceitful, scheming ways in any area of your life? We do not want to be tossed to and fro, but we want to be stable in his ways. Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a crowd of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1 (ESV)

Remember, we do have an enemy that sets traps for God’s people. He is sneaky and subtle. Let us use the weapons we have been given, remind ourselves that his ways are best and keep on running our race. I don’t think, in heaven, it will make a difference about all the “it’s not fair” things that we concerned ourselves about, because we will understand it so clearly that it wasn’t fair for Jesus either. Stay strong my friends. You can run your race, and run it well.

Father, I thank you that you understand our feelings. I ask that you help us quickly identify the lies and traps Satan sets before us, and turn the tide on him. I thank you that we can trust you today, to help get us out of any trap we have already fallen into! In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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