Faith and Finishing

It is finished. John 19:30 NLT

Finishing. It is a good feeling. Last fall I finished all the editing, the designing, (with uncertainty) and declared my book, Faith Encounters, was done. It felt both amazing and scary. I no longer had the weight of working to complete it—it was now in the hands of the publisher. This past weekend, I held my first book signing. It was amazing. People actually came! They were excited for me. It was a joy to pray for some, even amid the book signing. We held it at our local Christian Bookstore. It blessed them, because it drew new customers to their store. Because of mailing issues, I actually ran out of the books I had to sign. I don’t expect it to be a best seller, but I believe it is a blessing.

It was great that people came and bought it, but it is even better to hear from those that have actually read it! This is the part that really touches my heart. One person who has read it, wrote on Facebook: Today, Martha Rodman is having a book signing event at His Place Christian Book and Gifts! Her new devotional has been so encouraging to me. It’s not a “cookie and tea” devotional that seems so repetitive on today’s market. Ya know, the one with fluffy words and a Bible verse at the end that kind of goes with the content. This one is different! It’s collective wisdom that’s shared with a refreshing level of transparency and relevance. It’s the kind of book that really makes you feel seen and motivated to press forward. (Thank you Selena-rae Chavez-Snyder) Reading her so kind words made me feel seen and heard. It was worth the press of finishing it, to know that it encourages people to move forward. Hers isn’t the only encouraging word I have had, and for that I am humbled and grateful.

For a time, I was content to be in the middle—to be “writing a book”. It made me feel good to be in the process. However, there came a time where that in-between time felt stale, old and unproductive. I actually had to finish it to accomplish the purpose. My daughter, Elizabeth, really helped me to understand the need to finish it. All my hard work and the work of others (editing and encouraging) would profit no one if I didn’t finish my course (and the book!). Often time, we need others to help us finish. I know I did with this project. But sometimes it is just you and Jesus, and when that happens, it has to be enough. When I needed help, God provided help and wisdom. He will with your assignments too—if you ask Him.

I wonder how Jesus felt when he uttered those words from the cross, then bowed his head and died. Jesus had ministered for three plus years. But His work would not have accomplished the goal if He had not gone to the cross. He could not have brought about the reconciliation between God and man if He had not finished His course. I want to encourage each of us to start “finishing” things God has called us to. Maybe it is not as concrete as writing and publishing a book, but take those God assignments and do them. Some things that need finishing are our thoughts. We get an inspiration to reach out to someone, but it stays just there…as an inspiration. I want to encourage you to write that letter, call that person, send that text—whatever, He has been putting on your heart, it’s time to do it. Finish that thought through action. See a vision for a new ministry? A business? A book? Blog or podcast? Follow through. Figure out your next step, gather your team and decide to finish.

To be honest, I am not sure what to do next…people have asked me if there will be a Volume 2. I am still praying about that—but I know there will come a time that the “prayer” season will be over and I will need to start whatever He says, and get to the finish line. If it was important enough for the Lord to put something on your heart to do, then it is important not only for yourself, but for others that you finish it. Don’t let fear, insecurity, or even pride prevent you from your finish line. Keep going, my friends.

One day, all our races will be done. We don’t know when, but let’s do our best with the power of the Holy Spirit, while we can.

Father, I ask you to help us finish our race. If it is important enough for you to ask us, help us make it important enough to finish. Some of us are good starters, but we struggle to finish. Help us, by your grace, mercy and wisdom, to choose to keep going, despite any obstacles. We choose to trust you, dear Lord. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

If you are interested in purchasing my book, it’s available on Amazon; both Kindle and print versions.

3 thoughts on “Faith and Finishing

  1. Hi Martha, I just finished my second book, and yes, it feels so good to be done. God called me about two years ago to be a Life coach. I borrowed a friends course from Light University and my husband and I went through it. Then I got laid off for COVID and had to return the course. That is when I finished my second book. My same friend said she just finished a Mental Health coaching course that was free. She sent me the scholarship application, I applied and got accepted. I am one lesson away of completing that 42 hour program. I learned so much. God has brought a young single mother of three to me to coach who just accepted Jesus. She has grown so much in so many ways. I am so out of my comfort zone doing coaching, but God has blessed it. You are right, Martha, when God tells you to do something, do it. I don’t know what God has planed, but I know it will be outside my comfort zone. When He called me to lead a Bible study with inmates in 2014, I was scared to death, but today it is still a joy to minister to these precious women. Thank you, for your encouragement.


    1. Keep on going–He knows what He has put into us–and how He wants to bring it out of us! When we allow Him to spend us as He will–so much gets accomplished. Praying His continued blessing and grace upon you. Blessing, Martha


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