Faith and Another Helper

A few weeks ago I talked with my son about some physical repair my home needs.  It will be fifty years old next year and has born the test of time fairly well, but like all of us some areas are showing wear and needs help to continue on.  We picked a day that was good for their family-hoping it would be open for my other children to help as well.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from the son of some dear friends who also has become our family friend, David Freeman.  When figuring out his schedule, I warned him that the weekend he picked was our working weekend!  He was up for it!

Andrew noticed that there was some rotting boards under the overhang of my roof.  He also knew I needed some new downspouts installed. However, Andrew was not sure how to proceed with the board replacement.  What I knew was that David had worked with his dad on side painting jobs for years and I was sure they had encountered that type of thing before.  Enter David–and his wisdom from experience.  He and Andrew assessed the situation and made a plan.  David had to work for his company that day, but took time to share his wisdom.

I know Andrew was a bit unsure of how to accomplish the work. The interesting thing was I had never noticed that section of rot before.  I was shocked how bad it was when Andrew showed me. David’s timing was on point.  He was able to share his wisdom enough for Andrew to gain confidence to do the work.  I so appreciate God sending us the specific help we needed.  Sometimes God just wants us to share our story to help others gain confidence to get their “job” done.

David wished he could have helped more physically, but he shared what we needed.  Putting myself in the place of the disciples when Jesus said He must go away, but that He would send another Helper–I would have thought we don’t need another helper, we just need you.  The familiar, the known our friend and miracle worker.  How could there be something better?  But He knew what they and we needed.  The Holy Spirit is/was and amazing gift to lead, teach, comfort, convict and direct our steps.  Make sure you take the time to utilize Him!

As a mom, I always like all my children around me-so my perfect scenario would have been for all of them to come and help.  But they did not have the skills and experience to do the job.  If they had come, there would not have been room for David!  Trusting Him to send the perfect help our way, in the time we need it takes faith and trust.

As we worked on the house, I realized I can’t put off painting the exterior another year–so that is on the agenda!  Guess what–my daughter Elizabeth is good at it!  God is already sending help. t\Thank you Lord for your great grace and care for each of us.  I thank you for sending the right help at the right time to all who read this–whether it be physically, spiritually or emotionally.

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