Faith and Taxes

The past couple of days I’ve been busy looking backwards to 2018–as I gathered all the info and looked at the paid bills laying on my table I began to thank the Lord for His faithfulness. It was an interesting “coincidence” that I read “give to Caesar that which is Caesar” scripture yesterday morning. Like most people, I do not enjoy figuring out all the numbers involved. My situation is a bit different than most because as a small non-profit ministry there are extra steps involved. I send my information to a reputable tax preparer who stays up on all the tax changes and I am so grateful for their expertise.

This year I found myself grateful for the opportunity to celebrate God’s supply and grateful for simply my needs being met. As I sorted through my bills–everything from my utilities, my property taxes, medical and prescription bills and all the house maintenance issues that were paid this year I was overwhelmed at His faithfulness. Everyone was paid! Everyone represented God meeting a need. I just couldn’t help but thank Him for His faithfulness.

It wasn’t just my needs getting met, but also the blessing in looking at the financial gifts I was able to give when I received the giving statement from the ministries I gave too. I am a faithful “tither” and offering giver as well…so to really look at the numbers and thank Him for the opportunity to give was also refreshing.

Our church theme for last year was to “live generously”. It is an on-going underlying theme for this year as well. What a joy to participate–not just in giving financially to and through our church, but also individually to others. Due to maintenance issues with my home, I faced extra challenges this year. It was humbling when the Lord put it on others hearts to give to help offset my need. Thank you to all of you who helped in so many different ways. But it also brought back to mind the opportunities I took this past year to live generously as well. None of those opportunities will show up as a tax deduction, but I know that as I sow in one area, I shall reap in another.

This is the first year that I can remember where I actually thanked the Lord for the opportunity to really look at His financial faithfulness! I normally muddle my way through it all and just being grateful it is done…instead I am grateful for the new perspective He gave me in simply “doing my taxes”. He is truly a good and faithful God!

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