Faith and “Remembering”

Solomon instructs us to “remember your Creator in the days of your youth” (Ecclesiastes 12:1. If we develop the habit of remembering our Creator when we are young, it will help us remember Him no matter what age we are! Our memories can be quite a gift–or they can be a nagging torment. It is up to us what memories we choose to cherish.

If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior–how often do you remind yourself of that special moment when you prayed that miraculous prayer that took you from darkness to light? I remember laying on my bed as a nine year old and asking Jesus into my heart and life. I don’t remember the exact date–but I do know it was summer. Remembering that night always brings me hope, joy and peace. It leads me to remember why I needed and still need a Savior. It reminds me of His faithfulness and character.

I remember as a college student, I surrendered to Him, not only as my Savior, but as my Lord. The leader of my life. It was a cold, rainy day in March as I walked the streets around the University of Washington finally yielding my life to Him fully as an adult. It brought more peace as well as an understanding that His plan, no matter what it was and where it would lead, would become my plan. As I remember that day and the covenant I made with Him to serve Him and walk with Him, it reminds me to yield my life every day to His will and purpose.

I remember when He told me that I was going to marry Darryl Rodman! I carried those words in my heart as Mary pondered the angel’s words to her. Finally I shared them with our elders–and that set in motion events which led to our wedding day and 38 years of an adventurous marriage! So many stories of His faithfulness in us, through us and for us. No wonder Revelation tells us we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony. I also remember the day of his stroke and his passing. Not easy memories, but made easier by God’s Presence and Words of Hope.

As all of us who have lived awhile on this earth–not all of my memories are sweet, up-lifting or beneficial. Some of them bring condemnation, regret and guilt. Usually these sorts of memories are triggered by another event. Some of these triggers are known to me (like certain dates on a calendar), but some of them I haven’t figured out–my emotions seem to stir them up. It is then that I must choose to replace them with God’s Word and His perspective. Taking the time to pray as these memories arise, helps me put them to rest and shift them to their proper place–under the blood!

The blessing of remembering our Creator and His covenant promises is the hope it brings to our present and to our future. They remind us that we are not alone and we have a way maker who is helping us navigate our current life situations. There are always those memories that in themselves may be horrendously evil, sad and difficult. I don’t mean to make light of them. However, I do believe as we ask the Holy Spirit to help us with His perspective we can find His handiwork in the midst and that is a very good thing. It brings hope and comfort.

Father, I ask that you teach us how to respond to our memories. I ask that you help us navigate them with your perspectives, your grace and your mercy. I thank you for helping us with our difficult memories as we choose to trust you even when they are hard to understand. In your name, amen

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