Faith and Surprises!

About 12 years ago or so we needed a new fridge. One of the features I really really wanted was an ice maker. In our previous fridge there was the option to have one, but my husband did not want to have to worry about getting the water pipe to it–concerned about possible leaks etc. So we opted out. I persisted in my wishes when we needed to purchase a new one and it not only came with the ice maker installed–he paid a friend to install the water line for me! I felt so loved and excited to finally have this great feature of an ice maker.

It has been so fun to simply open the freezer compartment and have fresh ice whenever I want to without the struggle of filling and refilling ice trays. I have so enjoyed this feature. I know many people have a fridge which dispense water, ice cubes and crushed ice on the front of their fridge. Even though we could have chosen one of those options, we did not. I was one happy camper just getting the ice cube maker! (It still makes me happy!)

A few months ago, I noticed a light inside my fridge had turned from green to red. I thought, what does this mean? The notice by it mentioned something about it being time to change the filter. I hunted all around for something to remove/replace etc, couldn’t find anything so I just sort of ignored it! Praying it wasn’t hurting anything!!

A few weeks ago, as we were cleaning out the fridge I noticed a button. I pushed said button and water came out!! Not only did I have an ice maker all these years, but I also have a cold water dispenser inside my fridge! Talk about a surprise! For 12 years I lived unaware of this amazing feature that we bought and paid for. I know it is hard to believe that I did not notice this feature–but because I am tall and the button is hidden under a dip in the freezer door it was harder to notice. When I clean my fridge I am looking inside–usually on my hands and knees and don’t look up!

I realized that my excitement and enthusiasm for my ice maker made me content with that feature, so I did not even think to explore for other features. I thought that is how it can be with the Lord–we get excited about one aspect of our walk with Him and miss some of His “other” features. We enjoy salvation and the forgiveness of our sins, but we may not embrace the power He has given us through the Holy Spirit. We partake of our personal walk with Him, but neglect to connect with His family through the local church. We enjoy reading the comfort of the Psalms, but do not explore some of the “meatier” passages encouraging us to walk and live holy through the letters.

My son came and helped me find and replace the water filter! My grandchildren are enjoying this new feature as well. I felt so foolish to not have seen this, now obvious, feature for all these years, but I am excited and blessed to have easy access to cold filtered water at the push of a button. I asked the Lord to show me things I have been missing or over looking in my walk with Him. I find myself praying more for myself and others. As I pray He has caused a greater appreciation for the gifts others have that I may have overlooked before. In some ways I feel like He has given me better sight! Father, I thank you for opening our eyes to your surprises. Help us to see you in others. To appropriate more of You in our lives and help impart it to others. Just like the fresh cold life giving water tap was sitting their available to me for 12 years and I was ignorant to it, help me to receive your insight to other blind areas in my life that I may reflect your character and glory even more.

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