Faith and Daily Life

We walk by faith, not by sight, well at least that is the admonition of 2 Corinthians 5:7. Learning to apply it all day, every day is a process. We are given ample opportunities to put it into practice as we walk through life’s challenges. I remember when my children were small and wondering if my constant reminders to pick up your clothes, clean your room or countless other instructions would actually stick. I knew it was my responsibility to teach them, but in the end it was really my faith that brought me through that season. Even when one of my children informed me–“You taught me how to clean my room, mom, don’t worry, I know how!”. And they did know how.

The Holy Spirit does the same thing, if we follow His leading. Our Life Group has been focusing on Jesus and HIs Miracles. It has been so faith building to take the time to slowly consider some of the most amazing stories shared in the gospels. I have found my faith and expectation of His intervention rising and growing. Fear of God NOT answering is giving away to “let’s ask, believe and trust Him in the receiving.” I just want to encourage each of us to stay diligent in the Word, day after day; week after week. It makes a difference. Our faith will grow and needs to grow.

The only way that we will see the fruit of our faith is to use it! Begin to pray stretching prayers based on Him, not on yourself. Looking back on myself as a younger believer, it was a lot about me! Was I doing it “right”? I’ve learned to rest more in Him and trust He has taught me well! My daily conversations and time in the Word do make a difference. Your thoughts begin to become His thoughts. It becomes a much more peaceful journey of trust.

Keep on planting His Word in your heart. It will bear fruit. Do not compare yourself to someone else. We don’t know their journey or story. Keep on walking with Him. Resting in His ways and HIs will. Do not let discouragement take hold, dear friends. Discouragement comes often with a sneaky undermining thought “why bother”, or “you can’t do it anyway”. Silent those voices quickly and firmly. He who has called you will go on and perfect your purpose, calling and faith. I am more aware of those subtle voices now personally, but it doesn’t stop him from trying.

Dear friends, I want to encourage you to keep close to your Savior. Listening, obeying and following Him will bring you to some amazing pastures as well as warfare! It is definitely not a boring life when you let Him lead. Blessings and strength to you today, my friends. He is with you.

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