Faith and Receiving

This past week end my local church chose to continue implementing their “Live Generously” campaign by helping three different widows/single moms with some maintenance work on their homes. I was one of the people chosen to receive this special gift. One of our pastors headed up the team at my home along with two of my children’s help ripped out some old planting and pruned desperate areas with the goal of making it easier for me to maintain. They thought it best for me to “go away” and enjoy myself, so I spent the week end with my daughter Rosanna and her family. I admit it was more emotional than expected!

Sometimes it is very difficult for me to receive, I know I am not alone in this. In fact, I think it may take more faith for me to be on the receiving end than on the giving end. I have to release my faith that those who poured their hard work into my home will be blessed by our God in ways that I cannot perceive. It takes belief and faith that not only am I worth their time and energy, but also they believe in me.

When we are on the receiving end, we are not in control. I’m learning it is not easy for me not to be in control. I needed to admit that there were areas in my life that I couldn’t control or do. With my asthma/allergies triggered by “stuff” in my yard, it just isn’t healthy for me to weed or prune. Obviously I need help. I was honored and blessed but also a bit embarrassed that I was chosen! How could such a gift be also embarrassing? Because if my twisted soul is like others, my pride got involved. I don’t like to be needy. I want to be able to “do it all”, but in reality, none of us can do it all.

Scripture tells us it is more blessed to give than receive. Somebody has to be on the receiving end–why not me? Why not you? This past week our Life Group was able to bless another member’s daughter with some warm winter clothes as she transitioned from Florida to Washington. It was a joy to celebrate with them. Our MOPS group has been taking meals to new moms and cancer fighters and it is our joy to do so. I can tell some of the “receivers” may struggle with my pride affliction as well, but it is their season to receive. It was my season to receive this help. The work done on my home helped not only myself–but also my neighbors, as the team were able to pull some blackberry vines from their side of the fence as well! It benefited my family as the work done was work they did not have figure out the time and energy to do. The comradery that is built when people work on a project together is priceless. I so appreciate Life Church. My daughter Elizabeth said, Mom, some of the workers did it as a tribute to Dad, but others did it because they love you–(those who never had the privilege to meet him).

So when you are given the opportunity to become the receiver–do it cheerfully, humbly and with out a bunch of protests. Do not rob the giver of their blessing by refusing the help they offer. It may be as simple as can I hold the baby for you? What can I do to help during your illness? Can I pick up some groceries for you? Can I re-do your yard????? Learn to not only be those that offer to help, but also be those who graciously receive. It will strengthen your relationships. I think it could possibly bring a smile to the Lord as well.

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